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NYPD Harbor Patrol Boats
Shen Yun Takes North America by Storm; “Standing Room Only” in San Francisco
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Governors Island
Departures: Governors Island
Governors Island, NYC
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Governors Island Ferry Terminal
Governors Island, NYC
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TA - TY - Historical Bristol Street Directory 1871
Shen Yun Takes North America by Storm; “Standing Room Only” in San Francisco
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About 10004 Zip Code

10004 is one of those few Zip codes that get divided by a water body. Parts of the zip code encompass the rather remote Governors Island; while parts of it are attached to the mainland overlooking New York Harbor. This Zip can, however, be considered a part of the Upper New York Bay. 

The Governors Island part of the Zip gets its almost surreal quality from the fact that it is a rather remote island. These 254 acres of land can only be accessed by a ferry, and these services are only available on the weekend. On the other hand, the land overlooking the New York Harbor houses the rather popular Battery Park Area, which is easily accessible and extremely popular among people looking for a quiet evening/weekend with family. This makes 10004 a dichotomous zip, if you may call it that.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Zipping Alongside: 10280, 11231, 11201, 10006, and 10005.

Governors Island: Craig Road is an important drive road of Governors Island, and it runs along the entire circumference of the island. The island is bicycle friendly; with Soissons Dock, the inside of Fort Jay and Nolan Park being the only exceptions.

Just like the Earth has its Equator, Governors Island has Division Road. The northern half of the island is open to public and is inhabited. The southwestern half, however, is off bounds. This used to be home to the U.S. Coast Guard housing and service areas. Although it has been abandoned now, redevelopment work in the region hasn’t been completed. Until then, this area remains closed to the general public. The only exception to this is the circumferential Craig Road, which is open. One small section of the U.S. Coast Guard housing area has recently opened up its gates to the people, and has been designated as a picnic area.

In Rewind Mode:

Speak of history, and this island seems to be seething in it. The Native Americans from the region referred to the island as Pagganck (Nut Island). This name was given based on the oak, chestnut and hickory trees that used to abundantly grow on the land.

Here stands a hospital that had once nursed Ulysses S.Grant (18th President of the United States of America). Upon the island also lies Fort Castle Williams, the first fort that is considered to be truly American in its design. This island was also the historic take-off point for the first flight of Wilbur Right, where he attempted to fly over water. The island also played host to the Cold War 1988, during which time President Reagan and Gorbachev (Soviet President) were at loggerheads.

Fort Jay:

On the restricted land of Governors Island lies Fort Jay. The fort gets its name from a former Army Post, and is currently a harbor fort. The original purpose of the fort was to defend NYC during the trying times of the American Revolution; and subsequently during the War of 1812.

Battery Park:

Battery Park is located at the tip of Manhattan, and overlooks New York Harbor. The Park derives its name from a line of British cannons that used to once be stationed here to protect the harbor. This was back in the late 1600s. In today’s date and age, visitors to the Park will find memorials and gardens here. The Park also provides for some breathtaking views of the iconic Statue of Liberty. The Hope Garden is another highlight of the Park; and is popular as being the garden with 10,000 specimens of roses. The garden, which was planted in 1992, was created in memory of all those who have died of AIDS. The benches at the Park are a pleasant place to spend an evening; and as you sit there you can overlook the Hudson, Liberty Island and Lady Liberty herself. The promenade at the park is available for pedestrian and recreational traffic.

Activities Galore:

If you do decide to pay Zip 10004 a visit, it’s best you know what’s in it for you. Mentioned here are a few of the activities that you could indulge in when at the Island. Walking tours, bike riding, picnicking, art installations, fairs, festivals, and concerts are justs the tip of the iceberg. Bicycle, tandem, and quad cycle rentals are provided for on the island, and are managed by ‘Bike and Roll’. The rentals could either be on hourly or daily rates.

Fine Dining:

All the aforementioned activities do possess the power to work up a decent appetite. Once you’ve revved yourself up, you could choose one of these restaurants -

At the moment, there is a lot of effort going in (by the government and federal officers) to make this Zip a spectacular destination that everyone can be a part of.

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